Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School meets in the Fellowship Hall at 9:15am. The study is currently The Epistles of John. Deacon Clay Carter is leading this study.

1John study week three

In week two, we examined three false claims and corrections. In this section (2:3 – 2:27), John introduces two positive assurances; (“we know”) and three tests (the moral test [v. 2:3-6], the love or social test [2:7-11], and the belief or doctrinal test [2:18-27]).

1. How can we be assures the we know Him (God)? [1st test] 2:3-6.

2. How is love of God perfected? [2nd test] 2: 7-11.

3. How is the “old commandment that you had from the beginning” (2:7) at the same time a “new commandment” (2:8)? Read John 13:34.

4. What does “do not love the world or the things of the world” (2:15) mean?

5. 2:18-27 describes a heresy and the safeguard against it. What is the heresy and the safeguard? [3rd test].

Discussion: The message of verses 2:3 through 2:27

Week Two Discussion: 1 John: 1:5 – 2:2

1. John announces what he heard from Jesus: “God is light”. What does this mean?

2. Three times in 1:5 to 2:2, John says “if we say…” to introduce a belief he thinks is false. These are probably doctrines of the teachers he wants to refute. What are the three false claims?

3. Corrections are stated after each of the false claims – what are they?

4. What does it mean that Jesus Christ is our advocate with the Father, and that He is the propitiation for our sins?

Discussion: The message of verses 1:5 through 2:2

Week One Discussion: 1 John 1: 1 – 4

1. The word which is found six times in verses one through three. What is which?

2. The word we is found six times in verses one through three. Who is we?

3. What does we say about which to you(us)?

4. Verse one states we have heard, seen, and touched that which was from the beginning.” Read what Jesus said to the apostles in Matthew 13: 16-17 and Luke 24: 38-39.

5. Verse four states “…so that our joy may be complete.” The oldest manuscripts contain our but textual variants by scribes exist that change it to your. Read 2 John 12 and 1 Thessalonians 3: 9 to show that our is consistent with the theme.

Discussion: The message of verses 1:1 through 4