First Presbyterian Church SE Alabama PCA

The choir is a part of the congregation.  There is in our public worship a biblical pattern of praise, adoration, and offering, where the whole congregation is engaged in giving God the glory due to Him.  Our desire is to provide worship that is God-centered and exalts the beauty and majesty of our Sovereign God.   The musicians and singers are not a dominant feature up front, but support the worship and praise of the whole congregation.  It is our aim to place music as a servant to the Word of God.  Spirit filled worship directs our focus toward God and His glory and fills the heart with joy.  Worship is our great privilege and we offer God our praise in song and through a variety of musical instruments to give Him our best.

 The theologian R.C. Sproul suggests that worship should be guided by what is good, true and beautiful. “An adoring church is a singing church as we lift our voices to glorify God…God is the fountainhead of all beauty”.  

Our Music